Friday, February 3

Asena Slot – Turkish Themed Slot

Even though Bally Wulff is not one of the most renowned gaming companies, they still always have a unique perspective for all of the gamers. When you play, the activities in their games always give out some new information. One example of this is Asena. Asean is a real cash slot that is based on the Turkish tale of the she wolf which has the same name. The she-wolf gave birth to a 10 half-wolf/half-human offspring after rescuing a boy.

The Turkish Tale is the center piece of this 5 win line and 5 reel slot. This slot has an exclusive experience that can only be found from the brand. At a first glance, Asena does not look like it could be much since its graphics are older than the ones typically seen in new slots today. Also the finishing details are scatty. However, if you look past the issues with the designs in this game and think about the payouts and features, you will enjoy playing this slot.

It is not promising that you will receive an experience that is unlike any other due to its variance being low, but this is a slot that is not a waste of time.

Inside The Forest

The story starts off in a leafy forest in the slot, just like it does in the original story. However, the imagery in this slot does not really give off a colorful painting like a picture could. Through the dense foliage behind the grid, you are easily able to tell where you are at.

She-wolf’s home is located inside of the clearing and has a mix of detailed and basic symbols that are placed on an autumnal looking matrix. They are lined up with silver filigree.

The aesthetics in this game are not as good as they could be, but however it is hard to deny that Bally Wulff did a good job with using the tools they had in order to create it. It is important to factor in that is not a modern game. Since it is not a modern game, the quality is not exceptional for today’s standards. However the quality is exceptional for the time it was released in.

The Magic

All the way up to this point, you might think that Asena is a slot that could have been much better. However, once the magic begins and the game becomes its own, you are in for a treat.

The magic book is where you will be able to get to make the most of the experience. Not only is this due to it providing free gameplay, but because it can lead to a screen having a full image. In order to have a full screen image, you would have to get enough magic symbols on the reel during the extra games.

If you miss out on this type of treat, you can ease up the tension that has been placed on your funds and also a payout of somewhere between 0. 20 and 2, 000 credits. The size of your prize definitely depends on the wager you have placed.

Should You Collect or Not?

There is a gamble feature that pops up at the end of wins. Through this feature, you will be able to double your earnings. In this game, you can either go for a card game or climbing the latter. Both games have the same level of difficulty and risks. However, climbing the latter option seems to have more of a volatile feeling.

You can gamble all of your winnings or half it to reduce the riskiness of it. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will be participating in a big gamble. However when you are making this decision, you have to think about the coinage and a bigger final payout which will make the risk worth it.

Final Thoughts about Asena Slot

This is a slot that has not been able to expand and grow to become a game that is immersive and detail. With that being the case, it is still a niche form of entertainment. Also, the features are limited and the volatility is high. However, this is not to say that Bally Wulff did not do a good job. Just saying that when it comes to this slot game, there is room for improvement. The fact that there is room for improvement just cannot be ignored. Nonetheless slot players can still enjoy playing it, especially once they get to the magic. The magic can make players overlook its flaw. Hopefully someday there will be changes made to this slot game because this has too much potential for it to just remain the same and not grow. This game is in between terrible and great. Who knows, this slot might still be perfect for you.