Sunday, September 25

Australian Online Scratch Cards Accepting PayPal in 2017

Scratch cards don’t get as many plays as table games or pokies, and few online casino members even seem to realise that they exist. This is because they are often tucked-away, hidden in an obscure category. That’s not because the casino or the developers are embarrassed by them, it’s simply because they know that they are to very popular, so they shift the focus to games that are more popular, games that they know will attract more attention and generate more money.

Personally, we love scratch cards, and in this article we’ll show you ways that you can play the very best online scratch cards with your PayPal account.

The Best Software

Not all gambling software has scratch cards available, and in many cases, the ones that do are just not worth the time or the effort. Here is a rundown of what we have learned so far:

Playtech:  Although big, Playtech are lacking in many areas, and scratch cards are one of them. They do have them available, but there are not very many of them. And our biggest gripe with Playtech scratch cards is that they offer really poor returns. There is one particular group of cards known as Scratch 4. These include Scratch 4 Silver, Scratch 4 Gold, etc,. The more valuable the object in the title, the more the card costs and the more you can win. But wins are so few and far between. We once hit a 15 card losing streak, despite an apparent win frequency of 1 in 3.

BetSoft:  Although we adore their pokies, and although they show an immense amount of promise in other areas, BetSoft do not offer any scratch cards, at least not that we have seen anyway.

RTG:  Like BetSoft, there is nothing on offer here. They do have a handful of scratch cards, but none that are worth your time, and overall RTG is very poor. RTG also has very high RTPs, and these seem to go even higher when you play on their limited number of scratch cards.

Microgaming:  Often listed as the main competitor to Playtech, and said by some (us included) to be bigger and better, Microgaming is by far the best when it comes to scratch cards. There are some duds, admittedly, but there are some great ones as well, which we will look at below.

The Best Microgaming Casino

So, if Microgaming is the best software for scratch cards, then what is the best Microgaming casino? For us, there is nothing better than Spin Palace, where you can find the complete roster of Microgaming pokies, table games and scratch cards. Spin Palace also has a huge new member bonus, and you can blow all of this on scratch cards if you want, just be sure to choose wisely. In fact, pick one of the following, all of which have high RTPs.

That way, you can guarantee a return:

  • Bill and Ted ’ s Bogus Journey:  The «lesser» of the two Bill and Ted films, this journey was as bogus as they come. In fact, the whole film was. Of course, we don’t really know what bogus means, but we’re assuming it’s bad. But as bad as the film was, the scratch card is fantastic. It offers high payouts, a great theme and an addictive gameplay. It’s basic, as it’s all about match three symbols, but don’t let that detract from everything else that makes this game great.
  • Bunny Boiler Gold:  Not as graphic or as disturbed as the name suggests (thankfully) this scratch card is very different to any of the others on the Microgaming software, or any other software for that matter. It’s more like a mini-game, and with an RTP of 96. 38%, it’s one that returns better odds than many pokies.
  • Game, Set and Match:  We’re not big tennis fans, but we love this scratch card nonetheless. Based around the game of tennis, Game, Set and Match has more than one main game, and these combine to beef-up your earning potential. Despite that, the RTP here is actually a little less than the other games on this list, but it doesn’t feel like that when you play, and we actually scooped a 50x win on just our fourth play through. Maybe that makes us biased, but it’s hard not to enjoy a game that gives you such a big win.
  • Offside and Seek:  Another sporting game, this time based around soccer, Offside and Seek is also split into a couple of different games. We didn’t win big here, but we do prefer the layout to Game, Set and Match and the potential for big wins is definitely there as well. Soccer fans will certainly want to give this one a go, but there is a little something here for everyone.