Wednesday, November 30

High Gambling Rates and Community Struggle

Casinos that are successful can be beneficial for the communities they are located in. However, one must wonder what can happen if the addiction to gambling becomes too high in a community. In recent years casinos have been becoming more and more prevalent. As they have become more and more prevalent so has problem gambling.

What Can Problem Gambling Cause?

Problem gambling can a lot of different problems. One it can cause financial problems. Another problem it can cause is family struggles. Those who have an addiction to gambling are more likely to experience a divorce than those who are not. Gambling addiction can also have a negative impact on children. Children of parents addicted to gambling often at times feel neglected and struggle with receiving good grades in their classes.

Problems at workplaces can also come across when being addicted to gambling. Often those who have an addiction become at risk at losing their job. Usually what happens is that the person becomes very caught up into gambling to the extreme. Some players who suffer from addiction even commit a crime because of their addiction. Many gamblers who are addicted often at times would do anything to be able to gamble. Including even stealing money.

The Impact of Problem Gambling in Communities

It can have a big impact on communities. A high problem gambling rate can cause the crime rate in a community to increase. No community wants their crime rate to go up. When the crime rate goes up that means it is more dangerous to live in that community. Also, having a large amount of a population in a community being addicted to gambling leads to more people going to jail.

The higher the addiction to gambling is in a city, the more students will drop out of school. Problem gambling has a lot of different layers to problems. Problems that can start off so small but then grow to become very big, especially throughout a long period of time if the problem is not solved.

Communities thrive off of many jobs being available. For most people in order just to be qualified for a job they have to have a decent education. Meaning at least a high school diploma/GED. If a community has too many students not graduating from high school, this can lead to issues. This means that there will be a decrease in the unemployment rate. In regards to many people having problem gambling, gambling is just the top aspect of a domino effect.

Problem Gambling Services In Communities

Some communities do not have problem gambling services. Since there are some people who do not live in area that has programs for this issue there is a high chance that they will never get the assistance they need. If a state has a high problem gambling rate population then more services will be needed.

Problem gambling can have a big impact on many different people’s lives. The gambling industry can be both good and bad. Just like with anything else, there is always pros and cons. On one hand casinos depending on their circumstance can help out a community, then on the other this can cause the issue to rise unfortunately. This is why there are some people who are against gambling. Many argue that gambling does not serve any positive purpose in society because of the issues it can cause for children and families.

What Can Be Done About Problem Gambling?

Those who are addicted to gambling can receive help from a problem gambling service. If there is not one available in the area they live in, they can also receive help from a counselor. Even though they might not specialize in problem gambling, they still might able to help. The only ways for there to be a decrease of problem gambling in a community, more services would have to available or stronger limitations on gambling would have to be placed.

There are some politicians in different communities who do not pay any attention to this kind of issue, even when a large population is affected by it. Communities who have politicians in office that do not pay much attention to this issue and have a gambling addiction problem should find ways to make their voices heard. If the addiction to gambling continues to rise, then there will be a lot of economic damages that can take place.