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How much money does it take to open an online casino

Online casinos are a popular and profitable business that is actively developing. For a company to become successful, it is important to have a clear understanding of how to open an online casino. Depending on the country in which the institution is registered, the amount for a license can range from 10 to 40 thousand dollars per year. The second major expense item is software. The success of the future enterprise depends on the choice of software. To attract customers, the quality of the gaming platform and ease of use are important:

clear interface;

simple registration;

safety. Also important is the number and variety of games that are presented on the site: the more choice, the higher the likelihood that the player wants to create an account in your casino. The approximate distribution of costs during the preparatory phase and in the first year can be planned in advance. The costs preceding the launch of the casino are distributed as follows:

registration of the organizational form – 3-7%;

obtaining a license – 10-30%;

purchase of software – 25-35%;

hiring employees – 10-20%;

marketing analysis of the market and advertising – 15-20%;

other costs – 5-15. The costs in the first year of work are usually distributed as follows:

payment of bills – 5%;

payments for a license – 1-10%;

software maintenance – 10%;

payment for provider services – 5%;

marketing and advertising – 50%;

salary of employees – 20-30%.

Softswiss casino – online casino options for any wallet

Online casino on the Softswiss platform is a ready-made solution for the gambling business. A comprehensive solution, regardless of the choice of a package of services, always includes:

a ready-made gaming platform;

module of the affiliate program;

thoughtful protection against fraudsters;

technical support of the site;

multilingual online casino. Softswiss offers the most exciting games from over 50 providers. A wide range of tables and slot machines will attract and retain the interest of potential players. Cooperating with Softsvis, you can choose a payment system based on individual requests. At the same time, all operators are reliable and proven participants in the financial market. Among the offers of the company you can find the following packages: 1. Turnkey Internet casino. The solution for those who are ready to start a successful business from the very beginning. By choosing to buy a ready-made casino, the owner receives an already working system, taking into account the highest standards in the gaming business. The complex includes: license, software, marketing. 2. Online poker platform. The ability to quickly launch the Internet version of the game that gamblers adore. 3. White label system. A fast, safe and inexpensive way to start an online gaming business. 4. Sports betting platform is the easiest and cheapest way to play online. The audience of this direction is very wide, and the potential is very high. 5. Bitcoin casino. A modern and promising direction in the gaming business. 6. Trading and auction sites. Classic internet trading.

Whitelable casino system

The company offers the creation of an enterprise using the White Label system. This approach involves the purchase of a ready-made package of services, which includes:


financial infrastructure;

software. Buying a full package significantly reduces the launch period of the resource. In addition, the business owner is insured against such frequent mistakes as: the wrong country for registering a casino or a poorly functioning website due to the purchase of non-professional software. Companies that offer white label registration are professionals who know the intricacies of the online gambling business. Answering the question how much an online casino costs, we can unequivocally answer that it depends on the planned profit of the future enterprise. In the gambling business, the statement that the more you invest, the more you get. After all, the contingent who has money appreciates the safety and quality of services.