Wednesday, March 29

How to Win in Online Pokies

Let’s face the fact that everybody who plays pokies can be on a winning streak and win millions of dollars. If there were such winning strategies which struck gold every time then all the pokies players would be smiling all the way to the bank while the casinos were left bankrupt. You can make some money playing slot machine games but it all depends on how much you bet, how you play and whether you are lucky or not that day. Online pokies all have a side game and a player gets the chance to double his earnings by betting on a color or suit.

Online casinos are doing everything to lure the online gambler and they know that if they offer more bonuses and free spins then the players will want to play more of their games. Online pokies also have accumulated bonuses which they offer the players and when the player wins a bonus he is lured to play even more and for even longer. For online slot machine games, the accumulated bonus does serve any advantage to the online casino as is in the case with spinning reels. This way it becomes better to win the bonus through the slot machine games and hence people are very happy to win some.

Evidence has shown that playing a double has more chances of winning rather than aiming for the jackpot. You can only get the opportunity to play this way if you have won at the reels. If you have ever won at the reels then you would know the feeling which overcomes you. You want to play more, aim higher and go whistling all the way to the bank. Online pokies do offer the player this opportunity if he plays smartly and if he is ready for any situation.