Wednesday, November 30

The Popularity of Online Pokies

When you hear the word casino, one thing that comes and kicks up to your mind instantly is the casino games such as poker and gambling. The casino is a safe house for the gamblers around the world. This is the place to be for their extravagant life style and super rich status. So they gamble and they win sometimes and they lose sometimes. 

Pokies is the Australian term for the slot machines used to play the gambling games such as poker. In pokies, one player bets on a certain winning combination or a card or a symbol to win the money and this is purely considered as a gambling and chance game. Pokies are nothing but poker slot machines which allow the users to play the poker game in most of the casinos and online internet websites through free pokies, online pokiesand no deposit pokies.

There are plenty of games in pokies that are very famous and popular today. Let us try to discuss the top 5 most famous pokies game, not necessarily in that order. The interesting and thrilling online pokies is undoubtedly The Lord of The Rings. This game brings in the characters of the real movie into this game to make it happening. The next game that comes to mind is Tomb Raider.

This game brings the adventurous Lara Croft character into this game to make it happening. Other game that is gaining rapid name is thunderstruck II, this has got top class graphics and equally supporting music to keep the players away from boredom and monopoly. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines, which means a player has 243 ways of winning the game. Another two online pokies that are famous and popular are Avalon and free spins at all slots casino.