Wednesday, March 29

Ubuntu Pokies Australia – Ubuntu Compatible Casino

Ubuntu is one of the fastest growing operating systems on the market. This platform is available for desktops, laptops and other devices. It is based on the Linux operating system, which is the most widely used operating system in the world, and it was first released back in the October of 2004.

Ubuntu is available in 55 different languages and is constantly being updated and improved by the many thousands of developers that use it. In 2016, Ubuntu became even bigger when Microsoft announced that they would be supporting parts of this platform, thereby increasing its compatibility and, by default, its reach.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. Not only does this mean it is free and widely available, but it also means that its source code, the very thing that makes the platform tick, is available for all to see and to tweak as they see fit. There are many bonuses to this, that main one of which is the fact users are always creating new apps and new programs for it. They are always looking for ways to improve on the platform, to make security updates, to remove glitches and more.

Simply put, whereas platforms like Windows and Mac OS have a team of paid workers following the code set by the company and applying occasional fixers, open-source platforms like Ubuntu have thousands of skilled developers around the world always looking to make changes and to apply them instantly. In the case of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac, the OS is generally disregarded when a newer version is released. This means that the updates and the improvements stop or at least slow down, and users have to pay more for the latest release. But with Ubuntu, users get a constant feed of the latest updates and never need to pay for any of them.

If you want to download Ubuntu yourself, then you can. It is widely available, it is easy to install and there are countless guides and tutorials out there that can help you to understand this platform and to get the most out of it.

Gambling on Ubuntu

You should not have an issue accessing an online gambling site with this operating system. In the event that you do, and that you are unable to download the software directly onto your desktop, you can simply play direct through your web browser. These days most software developers offer an instant play version, also known as a «no download casino». As it’s name suggests, this allows you to play without downloading, and to access your favourite games instantly.

Microgaming casinos are particularly popular with this OS, as this software has always worked seamlessly with all platforms and devices. And one of the best casinos out there is Spin Casino, which is hugely popular here in Australia. Not only is it packed with bonuses, including a matched deposit bonus and free spins, but there is also a loyalty program.

You can also find all of the Microgaming pokies on this casino, and you shouldn’t have an issue getting these to work on the Ubuntu system.

The standout pokies on this casino include:

  1. Football Star:  This is the highlight of the «Star» series of games, one that includes a number of sporting themed titles, including ice hockey themed Breakaway and rugby themed Rugby Star. The best thing about this pokie, and this series, is the Rolling Reel feature. This is present throughout the base game and it also makes things a little more interesting during the free spins round. There is also a smaller, randomly triggered feature, but it has nothing on this main feature. Football Star can get frustrating as it’s easy to go some time without winning, but the RTP is strong so it will pay off eventually. To counteract this, you might be better off reducing your stake before you begin your session.
  2. Terminator 2:  There is no Terminator 1 slot, as this is based on the classic film sequel of the same name. This film defined an era and lives long in the memory of film fans everywhere and while the slot is not as groundbreaking, it is great fun. The soundtrack from the original film is here, as are many of the images, which makes this a great piece of nostalgia as well as a great, feature-rich pokie.
  3. The Great Galaxy Grab:  This is a hugely underrated pokie and one that you can’t even find on many Microgaming casinos. It’s on Spin Palace though and it’s worth a play if you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or if you just love pokies that are packed with bonus features. There are over half a dozen different features here, many of which are small and not very generous, but are still great fun.